My Favorites!

I am always asked, what is my favorite geek stix and geek scent.
I am also asked regularly, to recommend a flavor or scent, which is very hard to do since the experience is very personal.
I try to offer unique flavors and scents that are all amazing in their own unique way.

If I must choose, here are my top 5 geek stix and my top 5 geek scents (in no particular order)...

Geek Stix...
Mistress - Grand Marnier & Apricot
Jenny - Licorice & Whipped Cream
Reinette - Cherry Violet
Don't Blink - Rock Cake & Currant
Dandy - Lemon & Marshmallow

Geek Scents...
Allons-y! - Time Lord Vanilla
Doctor's Kiss - Time Lord Chocolate
Geronimo - Time Lord Bubble Gum
I'm Sexy - Lavender/Vanilla
Don't Blink - Rock Cake & Currant

Now, tell me what your favorite Geek Stix and/or Geek Scents are...


  1. Hmm, well my top 10 Geek Stix would be:
    Doctor von Wen - German chocolate cake
    Professor - Coconut milk and peaches
    Rebel - Rum and coke
    Logopolips - Honey and plum
    Reinette - Cherry violet
    Butterfly - violet and champagne
    I`m sexy - lavendar vanilla and champagne
    Delete - sour lemon and bourbon
    IOU - Red apple
    The Woman - rose and lemon drop

    All are delicious!

  2. My top 7 are listed below:
    The Shagger- Burbon & Chocolate
    The Doctor- Red Velvet Cake
    Dandy- Lemon drop & Marshmallow
    The Girl Who Waited- Sugary Strawberry
    Professor- Coconut Milk & Peaches
    Don't Blink- Rock Cake & Currant
    Mistress- Grand Marnier & Apricot

    1. Ohhh...Nice! You have a lot of my favorites in your list too!

  3. So far (As I haven't tried them all yet)
    My Top 10 are (In no particular order):
    Captain Jack - Lemon Cheesecake
    Amelia Pond - Sugared Strawberry
    TARDIS - Blue Slush
    K-9 - Candied Bacon
    Oswin Oswald - Chocolate and Cream
    Moriarty - Red Apple
    Danny Pink - Pink Lemonade
    Mikey Smith - Pizza
    Chewbacca - Chocolate Chip Cookie
    Adipose - Marshmallow

    Eventually I will get through them all!

  4. Fantastic! I love to see Mickey Smith's inspired "The Mechanic" on your list!
    A much overlooked, fun Pizza flavor :)