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Welcome to our next InterWho (Whovian Interview)..
I had the pleasure of interviewing Estefania (Esty), so grab a cup of tea and enjoy the read ... 

BBB: Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us about yourself…
EJ: My name is Estefania, but most everyone calls me Esty. I am 31 years old and live in New Jersey, but I'm originally from Spain. I moved to the states when I was 4 years old.  I also speak French, and lived in France and Switzerland for about 8 months during college.  I love music, food, technology, traveling...all sorts of stuff!

BBB: When did you first become a Whovian?
EJ: I think it was sometime in late 2013 when my friend Ken strongly
insisted I watch because he knew I would love it. I knew I was in deep
trouble right after the episode "Rose." I just had to keep watching! I
wanted to be all caught up in time for the 50th anniversary, which I
did with plenty of time to spare.

BBB: What is your favorite Classic Who and/or New Who episode and why?
EJ: I really loved the 8th Doctor's movie. It's as far into the classics
as I've watched for now. There are many episodes in "new Who" that I
love, but I have a hard time picking a favorite. Basically the entire
RTD era was some of my favorite television ever.

BBB: If you could meet just one Doctor Who cast or crew member, who would it be?
EJ: Well, I've already met David Tennant three times {BBB: *YES! She said three times}, and he's my favorite!
I also met Billie Piper once at Wizard World Philadelphia.  AND I'm
friends with Colum Regan, David's body double in series four. I feel
so connected to the cast already, haha!

Esty and David Tennant

David Tennant, Esty and Billie Piper

Esty gifted David Tennant his inspired 
Blue Box Balm "Allons-y!" Lip Balm!
BBB: Who is your favorite Doctor and why?
EJ: As I mentioned above, David Tennant is my favorite. When I watch him play the Doctor, it becomes more than just watching a tv show. David Tennant IS the Doctor.  When I watch him on screen I don't even feel like he is acting half the time. You can tell that he is doing this as a true fan of the show.

BBB: Who is your favorite companion and why?
EJ: I loved Rose & Donna the most because I could relate to them. Women who didn't think they were anything special and by the end of their runs, they were so empowered.  They always make me feel like I can do anything.

BBB: If you could travel with The Doctor in his TARDIS to any time and/or place, where would you like to go?
EJ: I have thought about this often, actually, and I can never decide on a specific time or a place. I'd definitely rather visit the past more than the future. I'm afraid if I see the future then the present will
look so boring while I wait for the world to catch up to what I already saw. But to see the world throughout different points in history would be awesome.

BBB: Are you in any other fandoms besides Doctor Who? Such as Torchwood or Sherlock?
EJ: I started Torchwood but haven't finished it yet. I am in so many fandoms, though, I have lost track! Stargate, X-Files, Arrow, Flash, Firefly, Supernatural...the list goes on and on.

Esty with infamous hugger, John Barrowman

BBB: Tell us about your business or hobbies even if they are not related to Doctor Who..
EJ: I am the personal IT girl to most my friends, family and coworkers.  I answer all of their techie questions and concerns.  I love spending time with my two dogs Chico, a chihuahua/Jack Russel mix, and Rocky, a great dane/dalmatian/lab mix. They are my boys and the bestest thing to come home to. I am usually humming or singing a song, as music is a very important!

BBB: Tell us your favorite product from Blue Box Balm..
EJ: My absolute favorite favorite product from BBB is the Meta 10 lip balm. The vanilla and rose combination is just perfect. I bought this practically in bulk because I love it so much!

***Special! In honor of Estefania's favorite product, Blue Box Balm is offering Meta 10 Lip Balm for just $2! This special offer ends 3/22, so hurry!

BBB: Can our readers follow you on social sites? 
Twitter: @EstyJuncal
Facebook: www.facebook.com/EstefaniaJuncal
Instagram: esty_j
Blog: www.musingsofafangirl.com

BBB: Is there anything you would like to add before we wrap up this interview (such as conventions you gone to, cast you have met, a collection you have, etc)?
EJ: I have been to 4 cons so far. Wizard World Raleigh & Philly, NJ Comic Con and recently I volunteered at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest here in NJ. You can read about that in my blog.

Esty and Stephen Amell (aka Arrow)

For WW Raleigh, I helped Colum Regan get a copy of his, at the time, almost released book The Fly Guy to David Tennant. David and I ended up having a nice conversation about Cardiff and Colum. When I saw David again at WW Philly he actually remembered me, which was WILD.

Esty and Colum

I visited Cardiff in April 2015 where I met up with Doctor Squee and fellow balmer Melissa. We visited the Doctor Who Experience, a place I never thought I'd ever get to see.  I also met up with Colum who took me to Southerndown, but Whovians know it as Bad Wolf Bay. Cardiff was a life-changing experience for me - I'll be visiting again later this year :)

Melissa, Esty and Doctor Squee!
Bad Wolf Bay

Bad Wolf Bay 

Big THANK YOU to Esty for participating in our whovian interviews!

If you have any questions for Esty please comment below..

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