About Blue Box Balm

♥ A Balmery Inspired by Geekery ♥
♥ Just what The Doctor ordered ♥
♥ Show off your fandom by sporting a Blue Box Balm Geek Stix ♥

DON'T BLINK! or you might miss the fantastic facts about our fandom inspired lip balms 

Fandoms are fun and so are Geek Stix from Blue Box Balm.

Each lip balm and solid perfume are inspired by your favorite characters.

Our Geek Stix have been gifted to many of our Doctor Who "inspirations" and we have also had flavor suggestions directly from cast members such as

Dan Starkey "Strax", Sarah Louise Madison "Weeping Angel" and Caitlin Blackwood "Little Amelia Pond".

It is very exciting to be sharing these fun lip balms with you.

We are starting out with the Doctor Who Fandom. Since I have been a whovian for many years, I figured this would be a good place to start.

We are slowly expanding into other fandoms such as Sherlock and Torchwood.

 Have a suggestion for me? Please feel free to drop me a message :)


Video message from Gareth David-Lloyd (aka Ianto Jones from Torchwood) to Blue Box Balm
How Exciting! 


John Barrowman with our geek stix!! SQUEAL!!


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