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I had the delight of interviewing Heidi, so grab a cup of tea and enjoy the read ... Allons-y!

BBB: Hi Heidi, please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us about yourself...
 HL: Hi, my name is Heidi. I live in Dallas but grew up in New York. I'm a married mom of two, stepmom to another, an advertising exec with what some could call an obsessive love of TV, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and most things geeky. I also have many personal side projects. My husband is my very own "son of a preacher man", a writer/artist and shares many of my fandoms. My stepdaughter is just as geeky, my 6 year old recognizes all New Who Doctors, and my 3 year old knows a TARDIS when he sees one and nearly bowled people over to get into one at a local event. 

BBB: When did you first become a Whovian?
 HL: When I was about 8 or 9. I watched Doctor Who on local public television. The 4th and 5th Doctors stand out most in my memory from then. 

BBB: I understand that you are a Chancer, can you please explain what this is to our readers?
 HL: A Chancer is a fan of The Minister of Chance audio drama, who is very supportive of the current audio incarnation and has a fanatical desire to see the audio make it to a film version. 
Brief history of the Minister: The Minister is one of five Time Lords who survived the destruction of Gallifrey and he was first played by Stephen Fry in the audio/webcast Death Comes to Time.
The new re-imagined (and current) version of The Minister of Chance is also an audio drama that features an amazing cast (including two former Doctors - the 7th and 8th), wonderful acting, and a fantastic script. The thing that strikes me the most about MoC is that there is no advertising - it is all word of mouth through the fans, and all of it is completely crowd funded. 
It is available for free download on the MinisterofChance.com site. Fans of Doctor Who, and/or of Big Finish will really enjoy it. And if they enjoy it, they can help support the film, eh? The Kickstarter is going on through October 31. (Blue Box Balms was not paid for this plug, all opinions of the Inter-who-ee alone.)

BBB: What is your favorite Classic Who and/or New Who episode and why?
 HL: Favorite at the moment has got to be Blink. It is a perfect episode to let people who have never watched ANY Doctor Who watch it and not feel like they need to be soaked in the 50 year history, and can intrigue them to know more and watch more. And what fan doesn't want more people to be fans?
I could go on about my favorite pivotal episodes, but...you did ask for one. So there you go.

BBB: Series 8 is at it's half way point, with a brand new Doctor. What do you think of Peter Capaldi and the series so far?
 HL: I am enjoying Series 8 so far. I've seen some of the fan reactions and people seem to completely love or completely hate this new series, and I'm sitting over here saying: these are good episodes, and I know they'll work even better together when you can see the series as a whole. 

BBB: If you could meet just one Doctor Who cast or crew member, who would it be?
 HL: I've actually met the 5th through 8th Doctors and Captain Jack. For cast, I'd love to meet all of the New Who Doctors, but I think David Tennant most of all, just because I've had a chance to enjoy other bits of his work more so than any of the others, and would happily chat about Broadchurch/Gracepoint and Shakespeare. For crew, Moffat, because I'd want to pick his brain.

BBB: Who is your favorite Doctor and why (we may already know this answer..lol)?
 HL: LOL - This is a great question. As always I point to my pinned tweet. I think they're all my Doctor. Honestly, its whomever I'm watching, listening to, reading about at that moment. I tried once to put them in some sort of order, but I wound up with seven of them tied for number one. 

BBB: Who is your favorite companion and why?
 HL: This is a toughie. I've really enjoyed all of the New Who companions (yes ALL of them), but I'd have to say my favorite of all time and all media was Evelyn Smythe, who was a companion to the 6th Doctor on Big Finish audios. I just loved her character, and that she was completely unlike many of his other companions. If I have to pick a TV companion, probably Captain Jack? He was brave, loyal, and funny and has endless possibilities. I'd love to see him interact with Peter Capaldi's Doctor. That would be a hoot.

BBB: If you could travel with The Doctor in his TARDIS to any time and/or place, where would you like to go?
 HL: I'd love to see Earth's future. Maybe 200 years up? Maybe visit a descendant or witness a "historical" event. 

BBB: If you could steal something from the Doctor Who set, what would it be?
 HL: The TARDIS! Barring that, River's shoes. You know the ones. I love a pair of killer heels.

BBB: Tell us your favorite geek stix or geek scent from Blue Box Balm.. 
 HL: I'm currently loving my "Don't Blink" geek stix. It is a combo that one would never find anywhere else, and it is delicious.

BBB: Is there anything you would like to add before we wrap up this interview (such as conventions you gone to, cast you have met, a collection you have, etc)?
 HL: I currently have a set of illustrated Doctor Who cards that my husband purchased for me at a local convention. I've since had the 4th through 8th Doctors sign their cards (4th through the mail, and 5-8 in person), and I'm hoping to get 9-12 at some point so that I can actually frame them and display them in my home 

Big THANK YOU to Heidi for participating in our whovian interviews!

If you have any questions for Heidi please comment below..

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